"Hey Dave" single
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Waiting for the #1 bus on Route 18, Rebekah Jean called an Akron boy to see if he was free.  It was a beautiful sunny spring day. The aloof boy never answered his phone, and she made up a song for his voicemail. Though she didn't have the nerve to sing it there on the spot, she did call on the help of housemate Anthony Papaleo to compose the chords to her melody, and the two recorded it in Canton, Ohio with the help of Bryan Thomas on bass and Jason Edwards on drums.

You can purchase this song, entitled "Hey Dave," pressed to a 7" vinyl record.

The B side, When a Woman Loves a Man, reflects the spirit of the Rebekah Jean original, recorded in the style of Billie Holiday.

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Rebekah Jean sitting in with local gypsy jazz band "Hot Djang!" at the legendary Barking Spider: