Rebekah Jean is a smooth, powerful voice and honest, pointed lyrics. Raised within earshot of Cleveland, she cut her musical teeth on her father's classic rock while singing "I'll Fly Away" in her family's tiny southern Pentacostal church long before the soundtrack from O, Brother, Where Art Thou swept listeners into an Americana obsession. 

Her ties to the birthplace of rock and roll can be heard on a few selections from "Love May Be Real but it Ain't Enough," but the common denominator on her 2012 debut is her lean toward the classic country of her mother's heritage. Rebekah Jean began to gravitate toward her mother's coalfields upbringing as a young adult, making countless trips to spend time with her West Virginia cousins and writing her earliest songs, heartbreak her stern teacher.

Recorded in Akron under the production of Grammy-nominated David Mayfield (David Mayfield Parade) and engineered by Auerbach-mentor Bob Cesare (Keep it Hid), the songs of Rebekah Jean's debut are grounded in the classic instrumentation of Ohio's finest country and rock players, showcasing the impact of her compositions while complimenting the diversity in her writing from track to track. 

After nearly two years of touring in the David Mayfield Parade, Rebekah Jean has stepped back from all her roles in the constantly road-dogging band so that she could return to her beloved Ohio and pen her sophomore release.